July 13, 2024
"Lewis' final note, fading into complete silence, left the audience momentarily mesmerized."
Barrie Examiner
Sandra Ruttan
"Known for his imaginative programming and his ability to communicate with audiences of all ages, Lewis is dedicated to promoting the value of music in education while he tours as a concert violinist."
Yale News
"With a large vibrato, Lewis' tone sang beautifully through the work, projecting nicely above the orchestra. The left-handed contortions that Bruch called for were entirely under Lewis' control..."
Luke Quinton
"Violinist Brian Lewis brought enthusiasm and joy to his performance of the last violin concerto, the so-called "Turkish."
Daily Camera, Boulder
Kelly Dean Hansen
"[Brian Lewis'] performance was vigorous and exciting."
Houston Chronicle
Charles Ward
"Lewis...played with a blossomy tone and a good sense for drawn-out melodies. That good sense came in handy for Bernstein's more loquacious passages [Serenade]."
Kansas City Star
"Lewis is extremely musical, has a great sound, good intonation and phrasing...[he] displayed his good control and perfect technique always at the service of the music."
El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico)
Sylvia M. Lamoutte [in Spanish]
Evening of all Mozart makes marvelous music When Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra music director Michael Butterman announced the all-Mozart concert that would be the second classical subscription event of the current season, he almost invited skepticism. Attempting to emulate, at least in some ways, the concert practices of the 18th century seemed to be at best a gimmick and at worst an indulgence.The skepticism proved unfounded Saturday night at Macky Auditorium. The concert was an extremely enjoyable evening that brought memories of the long-departed Sinfonia of Colorado, which specialized in Mozart's works. It was one of Butterman's most effective programs yet, and the orchestra was in...
Kelly Dean Hansen
Daily Camera, Boulder
"Lewis...performed with admirable musicianship [Mendelssohn Concerto]. His sweet tone was enhanced by perfect dexterity and couched in sensitive delivery."
Berkshire Eagle
A Soirée Under the Sign of the Duke There is only one free chair remaining in the archive room at Chateau d’Ainay-le-Vieil. Three hundred people are crowded in for the opening evening of 72 Hours in August. This year, there is something new: the classical music festival is opening with a jazz concert. More accurately, this opening concert is a return to the festival’s roots. During its first two years, 1992 and 1993, the festival welcomed French pianist Claude Bolling. Then, musicians interpreted his Suite in Four Movements for oboe, double bass, and piano. The director of the festival, Frances DeBross [DeBroff], recalls that the piece wasoriginally intended for flute, double...
Aymeric de Kerdel; trans. by Catharine Stoyanoff
La Montagne Montluçon
"The figure of Brian Lewis towers among the ranks of the champion...He proved his mettle beyond any doubt.."
Greenwich Time
"There are a lot of fine violinists on the concert stage today, but few can match Lewis for an honest virtuosity that supremely serves the music... This is artistry that isn't to be missed."
Topeka Capital-Journal
"Watching Brian Lewis teach is among the world's more enjoyable pleasures..."
Laurie Niles
"Lewis not only skillfully mastered virtually all of these tricks [Paganini Concerto No. 1], he also played with real feeling and with an almost boyish innocence that made the audience love him."
Daily Hampshire Gazette (Greenfield)
Charles W. Pottol
"The evening concluded grandly with Brian Lewis's impassioned liming of Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto, Op. 14. Lewis...is a charismatic star... whose impeccable virtuosity and emotional directness w
Topeka Capital-Journal
Hi-Way Pentecostal Church filled to capacity the night of April 9 with an audience eager to hear Sinfonia Toronto and solo violinist Brian Lewis. The “all string” program was being offered as part of the Barrie Concert Association concert series. Both Sinfonia Toronto, an ensemble of 13 virtuosic string players conducted by Nurhan Arman, and Brian Lewis, have performed in Barrie before, so anticipation of an exceptional evening was high. The audience was not to be disappointed. Maestro Arman is a world renowned conductor who has thrilled audiences throughout Europe, in Asia, Central America, Canada and the United States. Under his baton, Sinfonia Toronto has taken brilliant...
Barrie Examiner
Sandra Ruttan
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