April 13, 2021
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April 01 2016
Master Class with Brian Lewis at SAA Conference 2012
April 01 2016
Newest teachers of music getting guidance from a master
April 01 2016
November 1, 2010

Yale School of Music students hoping to inspire musical passion in younger generations are getting some guidance this year from an acclaimed violinist and music educator.

Brian Lewis, who is also widely recognized as a leader in music education, is on campus as the Class of '57 Visiting Professor of Music Education at the School of Music for the 2010-2011 academic year. He is teaching a course in community engagement and working with students who participate in the Music in Schools Initiative, which supports public school music and the training of young artist/teachers to help ensure that music is a birthright for all children.

"We are fortunate that Brian has agreed to work with our graduate students in developing their skills as teachers," says Robert Blocker, the Henry and Lucy Moses Dean of Music. "Our students must understand...
Colours of Music Festival: Violinist sharing his art at festival
April 01 2016
COLOURS OF MUSIC FESTIVAL: Violinist sharing his art at festival
By Susan Doolan - Special to the Examiner
Posted 2 months ago

Brian Lewis is living the life he dreamed of as a kid. It's one of the reasons he likes to pass on his knowledge to young musicians and he will be conducting several workshops at local high schools when he is in Barrie for Colours of Music.

The Texas-based classical musician is this year's violinist-in-residence.

He will be making an appearance at numerous concerns over the next few day including Friday's opening, with the Ames Piano Quartet.

"A lot of the music I have already performed but it's always fun to add some new pieces you don't know because it keeps artists fresh and, being able to bring music that may not be known completely to audiences around the world," he said. "So I'm very excited."

This is...
MOSC opens 47th season with guest violinist
April 01 2016
By Georgia Temple
Entertainment Editor | 0 comments
When violinist Brian Lewis's great-grandmother fled the Russian Revolution, she could bring only one item with her. She arrived in the United States at Galveston carrying her violin.
"My family has my great-grandmother's violin," said Lewis, who performs here Saturday, Sept. 12, with the Midland-Odessa Symphony Orchestra as part of the organization's continuing Texas Artist Series. "It's not the finest violin, but it means so much to me. It's part of my family's history. It's such a great thing to look back and see where you family came from.

"My great-grandmother came through the great state of Texas on her way to Kansas City where there were Russian and Polish settlements. And my great-grandparents lived about 10 miles from each other, one in Russia and one in Poland, and they never met until they got to Kansas...
Virtuoso violinist returns to honor teacher
April 01 2016
Lewis' mother, Alice Joy Lewis, was herself an accomplished violinist and teacher. But she wanted her son to learn from another instructor - in part to avoid conflicts - and was interested in the teaching method developed by famed Japanese violin teacher Shinichi Suzuki, which Allen still uses with the 20 students in her studio.

Starting in 1972 and continuing for 10 years, Alice Joy Lewis drove her son twice a week to Allen's house - once for a private lesson, once for a group lesson.

Special to the Journal-World
A young Brian Lewis takes a bow during a recital. Lewis, now 37 and a virtuoso violin player, has performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and released seven solo CDs. He'll honor his former teacher, Eleanor Allen, during a concert Sunday at the First Baptist Church in...
Secret of the Stradivarius Found by Texas Chemist
April 01 2016
Secret of the Stradivarius Found by Texas Chemist
By Greg Flakus
College Station, Texas
09 March 2009

Joseph Nagyvary
A scientist in Texas believes he has found the secret of the Stradivarius and other highly prized violins made about 300 years ago in northern Italy. He thinks chemical treatment of the wood with preservatives did the trick, but some music lovers find that hard to accept.

Retired Texas A & M University chemistry professor Joseph Nagyvary wanted to play the violin as a child, but World War II and the communist takeover of his native Hungary dashed that dream. After he left Hungary, he studied chemistry and also learned how to make his own violins.

Examining violins across northern...
Violinista estadounidense Brian Lewis en Santiago
November 07 2011